Send them to Bed TV

full moon

It’s Sunday night the kids are acting up and you want the week to begin again, so you can get them out of your hair. Well don’t worry we have you covered. First up we have an episode of Glenroe which contains a subliminal message asking children if they have done their homework yet, if not then they will be out of the room in no time. For those children who are on top of their homework duties we have a lifeless interview programme fronted by an auld fella with a monotonous voice and the charisma of a wet, manky sponge. If they are still there after that then we recommend you turn off the TV* and pretend it’s broken; we’ll still be here when you turn it on again, we trust you to come back.

*Of course if they are on their own devices then just switch off the modem and say it is malfunctioning.

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