About Me

Cearuil Swords

Hello there,

Thanks for visiting the site and nosing about. Let me introduce myself, I am Cearúil Swords. I am a writer and generally a messer. I like to poke at things and see what happens. This website along with a host of other online spaces is my attempt to be creative, express myself and hopefully make a few people smile or even ponder.

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I also have a bunch of other stuff to enjoy:

https://twitter.com/hero_signup (a collection of tweets describing odd superheroes who have auditioned to join the super league – expect some pretty unusual superpowers)

https://www.facebook.com/sickamour (a band page chronicling the musical adventures of one the greatest bands you have never heard of as they try lift themselves out of obscurity and into the annals of history – scroll to bottom first or else you will be reading it arseways)

https://twitter.com/News_is_broken (this is my newest effort and will deliver headlines from such notable news sources as the Trouser Press and the Weekly Business Rash – tweets every Thursday and Sunday)

If you have any questions or comments then drop me a line. If you would like to hire me for a project then please get in touch also.